About Me

Founder of Need to Feed

     My name is Kendall Lord and I am currently a rising junior at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. ​I am a Biology major and a member of Alpha Phi. I have a strong passion for medicine and the aspiration of becoming a doctor. While I am home, I currently volunteer at Summa Health in Akron, but also wanted to give back to the communities in Northeast Ohio through another area that I am passionate about. 

      In high school, I spent time volunteering at the Akron Food Bank and Cleveland Food Bank, which are hunger relief programs. Currently, Covid-19 has greatly affected Cuyahoga County and the homeless with nearly 20% of the population being considered food insecure. The pandemic has made it even more difficult for the homeless to find access to food and supplies. This gave me the idea to start Need to Feed: Meal Delivery for the Homeless. 

The Project 

The Goal

     Need to Feed aims to deliver meals to the homeless throughout Northeast Ohio with your help! If you would be interested in helping, please see the volunteer page for upcoming events and other ways to contribute. This is a great way to give to those in need & to get out of the house while abiding by social distancing guidelines. 

How It Works

     On the volunteer page, there will be various dates to sign up for meal delivery. Prior to those dates, with the help of donations, I will prepare bagged meals to be sent out. (Note: if I am able to receive enough funding for this project, I would like to purchase meals from local businesses to help support them as well.)  On the designated delivery days, I will select a location for all of the volunteers to meet. Due to social distancing guidelines, I will select a location that allows 6 feet+ between individuals and masks are required. I will distribute the meals to the volunteers with a specific delivery location or one of your choosing. If you have extra food or supplies that you would be willing to contribute, that would be greatly appreciated as well. To ensure that this project is contactless, I ask volunteers to wear gloves when delivering meals and to use precautions when physically delivering them to those in need. 

Other Information

     Below is a list of areas heavily affected by the homeless crisis in Northeast Ohio and various shelters. See NEOCH website for more details. 

-Public Square

-Central and Kinsman neighborhood

-North Broadway

-St. Clair-Superior

-Market Square Park

-Lakeside Men's Shelter

-The City Mission

-The Haven Home

-St. Herman House

-Family Promise of Greater Cleveland